100 Weeks Of Happiness

I am starting a challenge for myself. A “100 weeks of happiness challenge“. I am starting this challenge to be more aware of my happiness. I want to be concious of my happiness for 100 weeks.

I know there’s already a 100 days one – I tried it a couple of times, but was never able to complete it. I feel like for me, a day is not enough. As I do not just want to tick off a list to say I did this today. Nope. I want to do it enough to create conciousness in my mind of me doing it. Basically, I want to do it long enough to be able to engage myself in it – which is going to take me a while to get the hang of.

The plan for this challenge is to repeat something daily for a week, to allow myself the conciousness to engage in it. By the end of that week I must be able to adopt it as a habit and not just drop it while moving on to the next thing. So each week will be something different.

I am hoping I will actually see this one through to the end (considering how it’s going to span over 2 years), no matter how hard it’s gonna be. I like the weekly idea, because even if I do miss or forget a day, I still have room to get back on track. Unless I miss a whole week, that would be something else!!