People are Gifts

Each person I meet is a gift which my Father sends me wrapped. Some are wrapped very beautifully. They are attractive to me immediately. Some come in ordinary wrapping paper; I can easily overlook their inner beauty. Some have been mishandled “in the mail”. It is easy to “throw them away” as worthless. Once in a while, there is a “Special Delivery”. Have I met any of these persons yet? Some persons are gifts which come loosely wrapped. Others are wrapped very tightly and are hard to open. But the wrapping is not the gift! -Unknown

And yes I have met these persons. I call them my friends, my F.A.M (Food Always Members). I’m a big lover of gifts and the love I have for these precious gifts I call friends is beyond words. I love them as much as I love ice cream. I love them as much as I love chocolate-anything. I love them to bits 😍😍😘

There’s Gwendelyn (left-at the back), our feminist inspirator. She has planted the seed of self love, she’s the one who will tell you to choose yourself above all others.

Then there’s Kels ( right -at the back), my motivator. She inspires us to follow our dreams no matter how long it takes to get there.

There’s Lwazi (left), my pillar and partner in crime. We’ve walked and conquered this journey together.

Then there’s Rosie (right), the multicoloured character. There’s never a dull moment when she’s around.

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