I found him

I found my Mr Right.

But funny enough I say these words with tears in my eyes because he won’t pursue me.

I found my Mr Right and he doesn’t want me.

Life is just funny. It’s so funny it’s unbelievable. Because he is just perfect. Everything I wished for. Even to my deep and darkest desires. You know those fantasies you have but don’t say out loud, he’s so perfect he even fulfils those.

The sense of humour that the universe has is just on another level.

Like i met him. I met my guy. Like he is right here before me. Like right before my eyes. But i can’t have him. I cannot make him mine.

And i want him to be mine.

I want him so bad.

My heart breaks everytime i think about it. How he is my mr right and he only wants to be friends. Friends, my foot!!!

He’s the only one that actually gets me, like truly gets me. And that’s amazing considering i have a personality type that is hard to get. And his personality type matches mine. Im INTJ-T and he’s ENFP-T. How fucked up is that???

Like universe, why???Why??? OH WHY??

I need him to be mine. Please universe. Please give me this one thing. Im begging you, PLEASE!!!Give him to me and make him mine. Please, I beg.

PS Update: The universe said no.

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