My Mr Right

I’ve heard many views on “Mr Right” and “The one” and all of that… Whether he exists or not and all those things.

Well I say he exists, because I’ve met mine. And he is amazing. He is all that i wanted and more. Like he is the exact answer to my prayers. Even i find it hard to believe sometimes, because he’s too good to be true.

He ticks all the right boxes. He fulfils all my fantasies and desires. He is just perfect. I couldn’t ask for anyone better. Actually i do not want anyone better, i want him.

I want him to be mine.

But unfortunately, that is not happening. Because he wants to be friends. How earth shattering is that??

I got friendzoned by my Mr Right. Friendzoned!!!


I just wanna scream. I wanna cry because of the pain. I wanna laugh because this is truly fucked up, it’s so ironically funny. But to be honest i can’t do neither.

I am just numb. My defence mechanisms are so working overtime here.

Who would have thought it would end up like this??

Definitely not me. 😕

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