Live Full. Die on Empty.

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My new adopted life motto: “Life full. Die empty.”

I remember during my teenage “finding my myself” stage of life, I made a vow to myself. That no matter where I was going or who I was going to be or what I was going to do, I should always strive to be happy. My journey should always be full of happiness every step of the way.

I want to live this life that God has given me. I want to live it to it’s fullest. I want to have “no ragrets” at all. It’s sad how many people are not satisfied with their lives. They live miserably and only realise in their old age that there was so much they wanted but they never did it. I don’t just want to make wishes in life, I want to live it.

On the day that I lie on my deathbed, I want to look back upon life and be grateful for the life I lived, the joy I had and the experiences I went through. I want to regret nothing. I want memories full of joy and love. And with a smile on my face I want to be able to say : “thank you God for this life you have given me. I have lived it, and I lived it well. You may take me home now.”

So my goal is to live each day to its fullest. To make the most of my time here on earth. If tomorrow never comes, I want to be able to say : I have lived my life in full.

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

John 10:10

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