The pain of love

So i spent the past two days in tears.

Crying my heart out not understanding why things were like this.

Turns out while you are irreplaceable to me, i am replaceable to you. While you are valuable to me, to you i am of no value. I would do anything for you, sacrifice for you. Because i love you. But baby you won’t do the same.

I’ve been asking myself these questions a lot lately:

  • why am i not worthy??
  • what is it that I’m missing??
  • what is wrong with me that doesn’t make me worthy of your time??
  • why am i not important to you?? Why??
  • How can Tarzan be more interesting to you than me??

The pain in my heart is too much. I can’t take this anymore. This is too much.

However, baby im too much in love with you. That’s my downfall.

You are my weakness.

My amor. ❤️

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