Going Public

When I opened my account and started my entries I did it with the aim of an online journal.It was supposed to be a journal that was private and well a place for me to vent out, speaking about myself, my life and everything that I was going through. Well , like a dear diary kinda thing.

I recently went through an experience that made me comtemplate many things about my life. Because of it I’ve decided to make my journal public. I’ve decided to not only share but to speak about certain issues that we as people go through in life. Like depression for instance, I must say it was never something I thought I would ever speak about from experience.

So I’m hoping that I will make an impact in someone’s life as I share about myself and certain issues and experiences that I deal with, in my life. I’m hoping that it will help someone out there, someone who may need another person to relate to what they are going through. So if you are a person who needs to vent or you need some help in terms of motivation or encouragment or you are seeking for comfort or are lonely and need a companion, this is for you.

This is for someone out there who needs to hear that: “hey it’s gonna be ok”“hey you gonna get out of this”, “hey I know your pain and you not alone”, “you gonna get through it”, “you can do this”, “you can overcome this”.  I’ll be that voice for you. I may not know who you are or where you are, but I wanna be there for you. This is my platform to reach out to you.




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