The Secret Of The Perfect Kiss- Part Two — Dating and Relationship

Pull her close and kiss her senseless...

Kissing 101. Gentleman gather your notebooks and pens. Drop everything and pay attention. I repeat: take note!!! (It’s worth it)

Kiss Her Lips Without Touching Them (The Non-Kiss) Have you seen that movie called “Derailed” with Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owens, where he says he can kiss her lips without touching them? Well when women see that, about 80% of them hold their breath and shiver in anticipation (the other 20% scream: “get on with…

The Secret Of The Perfect Kiss- Part Two — Dating and Relationship

I came across this post on how to give that perfect kiss. I hope our dear men out there are taking note because us girls want, no we do not just want, we need those tongue-twirling, toe-curling, breathtaking kinda kisses. We want those kisses that rock our world. Please do rock our worlds dear darlings. We won’t complain at all if you do so, actually we’ll complain way less.

For our sake and the sake of our relationships. Please do kiss us with a promise. We want, no we need those promises.

However I beg, please do it for our delight and not to cause misery. Please do so respectfully, with our willingness and consent. We may like to shiver with arousal and anticipation, but we certainly do not enjoy shivering in fear because of abusive behavior.

Please do love us with the affection that we deserve. We are gentle beings after all. And of course it is public knowledge after all that we are suckers for romance. So my advice to you our dear male species is to learn how to romance us right.



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