Physically Fit…Or not.

I like to move it, move it. I like to…
nope, nah, not today’

One of the many things that I despise is exercising. I despise it with a passion. See I’m those people who flat out refuse to go to the gym without even giving it a thought. I just don’t wanna. Nothing will convince me otherwise. Or so I thought…

Lately I’ve been reconsidering my attitude towards exercising (*insert* dramatic eyeroll). This is because I’m on a self discovery and growth journey of which I’m at the stage where I am altering my lifestyle and sifting through my habits. I am working on getting rid of certain ‘bad’ habits and adopting some ‘good’ habits. So exercise is one of the habits I had to consider adopting. Well, the pros outweigh the cons. Unfortunately, ( * insert* another dramatic eye roll or rather a fake faint)

You can read on the Top 10 benefits...

So the habits that I have to adopt are habits that I’m going to have to go through the trouble of developing now (whether I enjoy it or not) for the benefit of the future me (she better thank me for this). Like exercising for instance, I know the future me will be grateful for the strong and sexy body I’ll have in the future. So I guess it’s gonna be worth it. Pain now and gain later.

So basically my goal is to push myself now to develop these habits so, it will become easier to perform in the future. My goal is to basically get these habits engraved into my daily routine to a point where I can even perform them subconsciously with no complaints (unlike now where I am constantly, i mean constantly complaining about it ‘all the time’ – well at least I’m complaining while doing it)

Among my new habits to be developed is: daily prayer (going well so far), scripture reading (not so well), daily devotion (sort of good), meditating (still working on) and well, of cousrse, exercising.

Another thing that I probably should consider working on is healthy eating. (as I cringe inside – im not looking forward to it) But let’s just take it one thing at a time. Let’s not rush this,okay.

So to be able to get this exercise-thing going, I’ve decided to create a schedule where I do a variety of exercises everyday to keep myself interested in achieving my goal. I’m gonna start with at least five days a week (which is kind of a lot- maybe even too many days- or so…I think).

But anyway:

Monday’s – I hit the mat with indoor exercises

Tuesday’s – I slum it out with outdoor exercises

Wednesday’s– I take it easy with jogging ( even though jogging ain’t easy-at all, especially when we start counting kilometres)

Thursday’s– I do the boogie with aerobics dancing,

Friday – I pretend to be flexible with yoga, and

Saturday and Sunday– I rest, yeah (those are gonna be the best days)

I know, I know it doesn’t sound as exciting as it looks (especially when I’ll be doing the exercises), but I guess this is my starting point. I wish myself luck, hopefully I’ll make it past week two.

PS: This is week 1.

3, 2, 1…let’s go…



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