Trust, Respect, Loyalty, Betrayal, Deceit…

So it seems like I now have serious trust issues. I am finding it hard to trust any human being. God, yes I can trust. But man, nope. Even the Bible says: “Trust in God and not man.” Well, a person can let you down. God cannot.

I’m scared of depending on others. It really is a deep fear. Unfortunately, now I’m at a place where I have no choice but to learn to do so. Which kills me, inside. Honestly, I cannot take it any longer. It just tears me apart. It is painful having to place my life in the hands of someone else. I hate feeling so small.

Sadly, this didn’t just come to be. Certain events, circumstances and people led to such a state. It’s heartbreaking to say some of those people, are people whom I am expected to trust. The people who were supposed to have my back, stabbed me in the back. Instead of loyalty I got betrayal. I felt so disrespected by the deceit.

Considering how I am someone who does not easily tolerate lies, the betrayal cut too deep. Even today I still cannot believe that they would do such a thing.

What do you do when the people you trust the most, deceive you?? What do you do when those you love will not respect your choices?? How do you even respect them after they betrayed you?? What do you do when those whom you expect to be loyal to you, desert you?? What do you do??

It is better to trust in the LORD Than to put confidence in man

Psalms 118:8

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