New beginnings

I’ve lost count of how many times I had to make the decision to let things ago and start over. Over and over again. I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of starting over lately (well, it’s not my fault – I’ve just had a lot of starting over moments). So once again I’m starting over. It’s a new beginning. Again!!!

I recently came across a statement that said: ‘New beginnings start with an end.‘ Something has to come to an end for something else to start. So technically I’ve been putting an end to many aspects of my life, so I can be able to bring forth the beginnings of what I desire in my life. Some endings were hard to bring forth, some were painful, some I battled to accept that they have to come to an end. Others I was over the moon to get rid off.

For a depression-survivor . New beginnings are very important. They represent a change that is very vital for one’s recovery. They represent a step. A step forward. However one has to come to the decision to want to change, to want to take that step forward, to want a new beginning. Which I must say is easier said than done, as one will have to also come to the decision to bring an end to certain aspects of their life. Be it relationships, habits, issues, etc… And sometimes one will have to come to this decision multiple times. Having to start over and over and over and over again. Yes, it can be tedious sometimes but it’s necessary.

So as I am navigating another ‘starting-over moment’, – this is because of some setbacks that I encountered, that had me stuck there in that state for a while – I am making a declaration to myself for this new beginning: ” Dear darling, we moving forward. Focus on where you are going. Not on who did what, where or how. It doesn’t matter, as long as we keep on moving to where we need to go. There will always be stumbling blocks and hindrances along the way, but we will not allow them to stop us or distract us from our goal. Just keep on going, baby girl. Just keep on going!!!”


“Gratitude is thanking God is advance for what will only make sense in reverse.”

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