To date or not to date

Dating can be so tedious sometimes. It’s just too much work hey, especially when it doesn’t work out and you have to go through the whole cycle over and over again!!! It’s too tedious. Can’t the right guy just drop out of heaven and we can finally find the answer to the “did you fall out of heaven?” pick up line. Just saying.

Mostly I prefer to be single and alone (it’s less stressful), but the prospect of me wanting to get married someday, somehow has me dragging myself into the dating scene for a relationship.

Is there a simpler way of finding the one?? Without having to go through the whole 20 questions process of getting to know each other and having to figure out if it’s a perfect match only to find out it’s not – but by that time, you’ve already invested your feelings into that person and now have to detox them out of your system. It’s too much. It tooooo tedious.

Hence why, I don’t just want to get into a relationship with just anybody – I don’t have the energy for playing the ‘are you the one?’ game. Nope. I just wanna have the right person, with minimal draining effort from my side, of course.

I must say though, being single is fun and soooo stress-free. Even though my hormones sometimes say otherwise. It’s just that I am not the ‘let’s jump from one guy to another to satisfy my needs kinda girl, nor can I do one night stands or hook-ups at all.

If someone has figured out the equation to better dating without the heartbreaks, I need to know it. Because right now there’s only one guy I have met that meets my ‘Mr Right’ criteria. And I am at that, it’s either I change my relationship status for him or I stay single forever typa point.

I guess I am reluctantly going to try this relationship thing again, one last time, just because I do actually want to get married and have that 2.4 picket fence family. And since the crush I have on this guy I nicknamed “Mr President” seems to be growing, I’m just gonna buckle up and see where this goes… hopefully it doesn’t end in another heartbreak… hopefully!!!

“The best way to get it, is to go for it.”

– Miri N

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