Ask your heart.

One of my dear cousins always gives me the same advice. He always asks ” What does your heart say??” Then says: “Follow your heart.”

Argh!!!! At first I would get so irritated at this advice, because I couldn’t figure out what my heart was saying. For goodness sake, if I knew what my heart really wanted I would be doing that and would certainly not be crying over my situation.

It took some years and a lot of inner growth to fully comprehended what my cousin truly meant.

Many times we tend to not look into ourselves for answers and somehow expect them to magically appear before us like a drop off delivery from the universe. Most times the answers we need – to our problems or even the help we search for, for decision making – we already know. Our hearts already know, for what we need is already deeply embedded within our souls.

Then comes the question: ” How do I know what my heart is saying?? How do I know what my soul chooses??”

Most people’s answer to this question has been: ” the choice that gives you peace. That’s what your soul chooses.”

I say: ” The one you are drawn to in eager excitement. The one that – once it clicks – everything in the universe finally makes sense.” If that is not the case. It’s the one that ” brings fear, because of the truth embedded within that you are trying to avoid.”

I would say it’s most wise to simply follow your heart and do as your soul desires, it surely will save you a lot of time and disappointments. And headaches too. I wish I had understood my cousin’s advice sooner than I did. It surely would have saved me a lot of heartaches. So this I say to you: ” Listen to your heart, dear one. Listen closely and very carefully.

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear…”

1 John 4:18

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