When the universe says yes

When it’s yours, it’s yours to have.

I find it amusing how when I am secretly craving for something, God will always find a way to make it happen. Reminding me of how much He cares about me, not just the big outer things but also the small inner things in my heart.

You know those small little things that you don’t even speak out loud but are there as a mini wish. Sometimes I’m not even concious of how it’s a mini prayer in itself. I’m just always in awe of God every time those mini wishes come true, especially knowing that nothing that happens is ever a coincidence.

It’s just remarkable to behold.

However it is very much possible to easily miss it’s occurrence, if you aren’t concious of the happenings in your surrounding.

God answers every prayer.

If you aren’t looking out for the answer, you can miss it when it’s right there in front of you. Which is very devastating to think of. I bet many of us have experienced that and only realized later on that God actually did answer, but we just weren’t concious of it at that moment – unfortunately missing out on the beauty of the moment.

We have the power to bring forth all that we desire into our lives. Be concious of that power and utilise it. Be concious of every moment in your life and all the signs of God’s existence and power around you. All things in the universe are and belong to Him,they are all within His control.

All we need to do is to ask.

Ask for it and wait faithfully for the universe to bring it forth as He says yes!!!

Ask and you shall receive, a prayer deep down in your heart is also asking. Best believe you shall receive. – Miri

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