The show must goes on

I know that it is hard to move forward after a set back in life but the show must go on. You must keep on moving. For forward is the only way to go.

You know what they say about falling seven times and rising up eight times. You cannot stay where you have fallen. Don’t stay stuck in your setback. Take what you need from it, shake it off and step forward. For life has to move on.

It’s a process of experiences, you move from one experience to another. Some good, some bad, some are desirable, others we’d rather do without. However all are necessary for us to live our life in full. For how can you know joy if you’ve never known it’s opposite – sadness? How can you know peace if you’ve never known distress? (these opposites help us to recognize the real deal and allows us to be able to appreciate them).

To be able to experience the whole fullness of life , you’ve got to move. You’ve got to keep on going. Don’t be stagnant, it won’t benefit you at all. Don’t camp where you broke down.

Get up, shake it off and put it all behind you. It’s all part of your experience. Trust me, whatever it is ain’t your show stopper. There’s still many more experiences inside you. Do yourself a favor and live them all out. For after that moment, life moves on. So should you. It does not end here. So get your act together, queue in the music and let the show go on…

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.

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