‘To all the boy’s I’ve loved before’ by Jenny Han

“Dear Peter…”

You know those books where you get mad that it has come to an end. This was one them.

I really, really, really was not ready for this book to end. That’s how much I was enjoying it. Can we please have a sequel to this story, I wanna know what happens between Lara and Peter. Or maybe an epilogue would have done it, I need closure. I hate to be left hanging especially which such stories. (Side note: I actually came across the sequels soon after reading this one, thank God).

I must say I did kinda expect them to end up together, it’s always predictable in such stories. Besides that, I still loved every minute of it – I actually enjoyed discovering how they ended up together.

Can’t books be infinite?? I hate it when they end especially amazing stories like this one.

I found the plot of the story very interesting. Imagine if you could make your crushes aware of your feelings and have a chance with one of them. It’s something every girl dreams of. Although a typical love story of a pretend relationship is very predictable, in the sense that it’s obvious the couple will realize their affection for each other and that their love is real. However I enjoyed reading the ‘how’ this couple reached that conclusion and the ups and downs that led to that realization.

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 for this book. I was practically glued to the book from beginning to end. I still can’t believe it’s over…

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