Update on physical fitness quest

I have no idea what week this week is supposed to be (I lost track after week 2). That should tell how bad this quest has been going. I don’t even know what happened to the schedule that I was supposed to follow.

I still am not fond of exercising. I still hate the physical exertion, the sweating and the pain that goes with all of it. Let’s just say, I’m just not eager about it.

Regardless of my attitude though, I’ve really been trying to do some form of exercise. Be it stretching for 5 min and telling myself that I did put in some effort, or a 10min aerobics dance routine that leaves my body aching afterwards, or be it spending most of a 15min routine just lying flat on my back because I couldn’t get up again. Yes, I know I still have a long way to go – at least I’m doing something. That should count right?

I guess it should be expected, that it be hard. Especially for someone unfit and very reluctant to workout. Going through it is just excruciating.

However I still want to change this bad habit of mine and unwillingness to move my body. I’m still determined to get to a point where physical fitness is a regular thing in my daily life. I’m still up for this challenge. I guess I’m just gonna take baby steps until I get there. Hopefully I do get there…someday.

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