Taken for granted

I recently burnt my hand and have been unable to do anything with it for about two whole weeks. Sometimes we tend to take our limbs for granted, forgetting that they are precious and vital to our everyday living.

Take a moment and consider all the things you do with your hand but never give thought to. What about your nose?? Ever thought about what would happen if you no longer had it. Or even your eyesight, sense of touch, taste, your tongue, teeth, etc. They are all part of our bodies, right?? Ever given them a moment of thought?? Especially, as to what would you do if you no longer had them?? What about about your brain?? The fact that you have a functional brain, should make you immensely grateful. What would you do if that stopped working?? Huh??

It’s very sobering how a small wound basically rendered me as incapacitated. How small mundane tasks like bathing, getting dressed, even going to the bathroom was extremely difficult.

Oh, hand, hand, hand. My dear left hand! Such a small part of my body, but so vital and yet so unappreciated. Life just isn’t the same without you.

Even though I still had another functional hand, it still wasn’t the same. I still needed that left hand to do many things. Makes you ponder deep about why we were actually given two hands to use. And why we particularly need both of them simultaneously.

Such moments just remind you to be grateful for every functional/non-functional body part you have – be glad you have it. We should surely appreciate and take good care of them. For these body parts are truly hard at work. Just the thought of being without them is too much to bear.

“Peace begins with a smile”

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