Make somebody happy.

It’s amazing how putting a smile on someone’s face can bring so much joy.

I happened to come across the item for this week’s challenge by accident. It kinda gave me pause and made me wonder why I don’t do this often.

I received a text today from someone I called yesterday (just to check up on them), about how much that call made them happy. The fact that, that person woke up thinking about that call made me happy.

I also decided to send some good morning texts to my friends. Their responses made my day. They made me so happy. I actually find it funny how this happened ( this is where the accident I was talking about comes in).

I am currently reading a book – This is me letting you go by Heidi Priebe – and the first chapter spoke about how even if you don’t get good morning texts from someone, it doesn’t mean you aren’t special. I totally agree and it inspired me to think of doing something for myself. Just because nobody wants to send me good morning messages, it doesn’t mean I mustn’t receive them – even if it’s from myself (still counts right??).

So I made the decision to write myself good morning messages, each morning. Just to give myself that boost for the day. As I was writing today’s message, it occurred to me that I should share this. Why not send this good morning message to myself, to others?? Maybe no- one is sending them good morning texts too. So I did, and I loved the responses I got back – they really, really made me happy.

This week my focus is on making other people happy to be happy. It’s nothing big, but the small simple things do count and can actually go a long way.

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