Dear Mother

Why do I feel like this?? So terribly needy?? Why do I feel unloved?? Why do I need it?? Why do I yearn for love??You do love me right?? You are my mother, you carried me for 9 months, you gave birth to me, you raised me. That means you love me right?? It should, right?? It is love, right?? Right?? But why does it not feel like it?? Why does it not feel enough?? Why do I want more?? Need more?? Why does that all just feel like a sense of duty – I mean you did conceive me after all – and not love?? Wait, but what is love?? What is this thing that I seem to need so much?? What is it?? How do you describe it?? How do you recognize it?? Would I know it if it was staring right at me?? Would I??

Did you know that as human beings, we have certain needs that are just embedded into our being?? We have certain needs that just yearn to be fulfilled, from time to time?? Like hunger, sleep, thirst, love, etc.

I recently learned that human beings need love to survive. We were made out of love, so it is in our nature to love and to be loved. I’ve also come to learn that a lot of people are living with this need unsatisfied, and the unsatisfaction of this need causes a whole lot of imbalance in one’s life.

However, the biggest question is not just how to satisfy this need, but how to satisfy it right?? And this “how” seems to be a very baffling conundrum.

– your child, Miri.

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