Be Thankful

How many times do I take a moment in a day to be grateful?? How many times do I take a moment to just be thankful and appreciate what I have, the journey I’ve walked, who I am??

The answer: not as often as I should.

I recently received some bad news, news that should have caused my whole life to come crashing down. Somehow it didn’t. I somehow managed to keep my head and held myself together.

The realisation of that filled me with gratitude. So much gratitude for the person I am. I was in awe of myself, of the person I’ve become.

I was so proud and so grateful for how I was so strong, in that moment, to withstand whatever came my way.

It made me think of how I don’t take the time to appreciate my growth. The person I was 5 years ago would have handled the situation differently, my world would have definitely come crashing down. However the person that I am now, has grown so much. I can now dust myself off, on my way up from a fall, while taking it all in stride.

So that is what this week is about: Thankfulness. I am thankful to the past-me that decided to embark upon a journey of growth. I am thankful to the past-me for allowing that growth to groom me into the person I am today, and the person I’ll continue to be in the future. I am thankful to myself for giving myself that moment of gratitude. Thank you dear me. Thank you.

“Be thankful, even the small little things do count.” – Miri

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