Dear Mr President

I’ve been thinking about love. About how the world defines it and how we experience it throughout our lives. I’m sure everybody has had memorable and unfavorable experiences in terms of love. And I’m sure many do ponder about the dynamics of it.

Most of the time people speak of how we should be loved as individuals. What we should tolerate, deal breakers and redflags, etc. You know what I’m talking about. However, less is spoken of how we should give out love to others.

I guess as humans, we can sometimes be selfish and forget that we implicitly have obligations towards each other.

You know the saying “treat others the way you would want to be treated”, or “do unto others what you want to be done unto you”. I would like to add “love others the way you would like to be loved”. As in give out the kind of love that you would like to be loved by.

We all want to be loved in different ways. Gary Chapman’s Five love languages theory proves that. He elaborates on how we experience love differently in terms of how we receive love and show our loved ones that we love them.

We also know the phrase: “it takes two to tango”. Of course, to perform a beautiful tango both parties have to play their part. Both partners have to put in the effort to ensure the dance is bellissimo.

Unfortunately, the world is full of so many confusing ideas on how love should be like. I must say some of them need to be discredited as they are pretty much selfish. So I say, love like how you want to be loved, not like how the world tells you to be loved. Don’t selfishly expect your partner to adorably love you when you aren’t interested in ensuring that they are loved in return. Do not just be a “give me, give me, always taking person”, forgetting that your partner is human and not your slave. Everyone needs to be loved too.

I believe the best kind of love is to love unconditionally. So I’m prepared on giving out that kind of love, as I would like to be loved unconditionally too.

– Miri 💕💓❤️💖💞

‘Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.’

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