Dear Mr President

I am officially letting you go. Loving you was a very insightful experience. I do not regret any moment of it, with it’s many ups and downs. Ironically, I actually enjoyed having a crush on you.

Though I must say that I am quite disappointed that it must now come to an end. I had so much hope. So much faith that a beautiful relationship would blossom between us.

But then we all know, if wishes were rides beggars would ride. That’s the reality of life, not all wishes come true. So, as the sands go through the hour glass, the time has come for me to let you go.

It’s been a pleasure Mr President and now I say goodbye as I let you go with the hope that someday you might reciprocate my love. Only God knows.

Goodbye my love.

-Miri 💞❤️💕💖

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.

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