I’ve been walking this journey of depression for a while now, that I sometimes get tired of it. I continuously ask myself when is it going to end. Everytime I think I’m reaching the end of it, I keep on discovery that there’s more in my path. I am really fed up and so very ready to put this illness behind me and move forward.

Healing is a process that takes time. Unfortunately we will never know how much time until we’ve gone through it. It’s been years and I’m still going. I’m still broken.

I miss my old self so much.

She was okay. She had life and was living. She had so many dreams and so ready to achieve them. She had hope and so much ahead of her. She had so much passion and determination. She was strong. She could handle any challenge that came her way. She had it all under control. Until she stumbled upon this obstacle that almost led to her death.

Everything changed.

All I feel now is brokenness. I am not okay. I feel so empty. My dreams are blurry. My hope is gone. My passion, my ambition, nowhere to be seen. I feel weak. Everything is just out of control. Sometimes I wish for death.

I’ve come far with this illness. How much further I can go?? I don’t know.

Life is very interesting. In the end, some of your greatest pains become your greatest strengths.

Drew Barrymore

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