Friends that keep you going

I opened up to my friend about how I felt so broken and how I missed my old self (see ). She shared this with me to encourage me. I love her so much for picking me up so I can keep on going.

Girl the fact that you were that girl means that girl is still in you. She didn’t go anywhere. No.

Yes life happened and we can’t pretend like it didn’t but you can still be that girl because she is in you. She will never be lost forever because it is you.

In my eyes you’re still facing whatever life has thrown at you with determination. You haven’t given up at all and you’re still fighting. That is all you. You haven’t failed, and your beauty is still in you.

Don’t allow the thoughts that: you’re not strong or that your light is dimmed be your truth. That is not true, you still have the light in you and it is still visible. When you start believing it, you will also see it.

Yes, I understand it can be hard. But we need to live our best lives, girl. The only way is too keep going until we get ourselves out of situations we don’t want, into situations we want. Just remember it will not always be like this.

Also keep the word of God as motivation. God has plans for you to live life and live it abundantly. Remember Jeremiah 29:11, his plans for you are not to harm you but to prosper you, give you a future and hope.

To be without a friend is to be poor indeed.

African proverb

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