The pressure cooker

One day while my cousin and I were walking amongst cattle. I began to ponder upon what these cattle think about their lives. Are they aware of their fate that someday they’ll be sent to the slaughter house?? Do they know that they are technically meat, food that’s walking around??

Then I started wondering what the food we cook, thinks when we are cooking it. Do they worry about the fact that they will mostly likely end up chopped up, placed over heat to end up in our mouths and digested in our stomachs?? Do they worry about the heat maybe becoming too much that they burn and lose their potential?? Do they feel that pressure of imminent death?? Or are they content because they know that this is part of their purpose??

Life is full of pressure and stressful situations.

There’s the kind of pressure that is worth it. Pressure that is good for you. The experts say there is a certain level of stress that is healthy for us. Stress that we are able to manage and channel into pushing us to great achievements.

However too much stress is of course unhealthy, just as too much of anything isn’t good for you. I came to a point in my life whereby I had an overload of stress. It became too much that it broke me.

I am currently struggling to manage the stressful situations around me, but I’ve come to realise that there is a certain kind of pressure I may need and that’s the pressure that would bring me joy. Somehow I know that, that pressure would come from a kitchen, pressure that would inspire my creativity. That’s the pressure that is worth it to me.

Just as the food we eat has to withstand the heat it’s put through, so the chef can present a delightfully appetising meal on a plate. We also have a certain amount of “heat” that we must go through so that we may be able to present our beauty and potential to the world.

There is beauty in vulnerability.

Itumeleng Mpofu

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