All things God

My journey with Christ.

Long ago I prayed to God that He must transform me into a pure Christian. I asked him to create in me a clean heart. To basically cleanse me of all things that are not of Him. I asked him to renew my mind. To grant me wisdom, insight, knowledge and understanding. I asked Him to refine me and purify me.

To be honest I must say that when I asked this of God I kinda expected Him to supernaturally pour out some holy oil or magic potion on me and Bam!!! It is done. I’ll be a new person. Sort of like, putting me through a machine that would scan me and fix what is wrong while also adding what is missing.

Of course I was wrong. So very wrong.

That is definitely not how God works. God is all about getting down to business by getting your hands dirty. He is all about the grind.

I have actually come to learn what exactly is meant by ‘He purifies and refines you, just as is done with silver and gold.’ Which is through a furnace. I must say a furnace is very, very, very hot for it to be able to purify silver or gold. Let’s not even talk about the chipping of the rocks to produce the gem inside.

So the hardships I’m going through are basically God’s way of answering my prayers. I’m being refined and purified just as I asked. It may not be the way I expected ,but I did well ask for it. As hard as it may be, He is teaching me all that I have asked Him to learn.

I guess my life is going to get a lot more interesting, because I’ve come to realise that what I desire is developed through life experiences. So I’m about to go on a hell of a rollercoaster ride of life experiences.

And can somebody please switch on the aircon, it’s about to get blazing in here…

On this page I’ll be sharing my experiences in my journey with God, as I explore my faith as well as the ups and downs, lefts and rights that come with being a Christian.

Thoughts lead on to purposes, purposes go forth in action, actions form habits, habits decide character and character fixes our destiny

Tyron Edwards