Book Reviews

One of my most favourite things in this world is books. I am madly in love with reading 😍 and I truly mean it πŸ’–.

Reading just brings joy to my soul, we are lovers and our relationship is so deep and intimate that I will not allow anything to come between me and my reading. I will murder you, cold blooded. That is how much I love my books.

My most favourite genre to read is fiction. Even though I occassionally read non-fiction, mostly in the form of self-help and self-development books.What I mostly love about fiction, is how one can be transformed into a whole other world full of endless possibilities. It’s the fact that my imagination is allowed to run wild under the guidance of the author. What even fascinates me even more is how the author was able to conjure up a story that invites me into their imagination and is able to allow me to travel through it by their words.

I love how simple letters can come together to form words and those words can form sentences when strategically placed. I love how those sentences can tell a story. And how that story can bring you into someone’s world via ink prints on paper.

The feel of a paperback book is my drug and the smell is my potion. πŸ’ž

There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.

Norman Vincent Peale