The pain of love

So i spent the past two days in tears. Crying my heart out not understanding why things were like this. Turns out while you are irreplaceable to me, i am replaceable to you. While you are valuable to me, to you i am of no value. I would do anything for you, sacrifice for you. […]

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Honour and Respect

Today I am grateful for the morals and values my parents instilled in me. Even though sometimes they had to be harsh while teaching me, today it seems to be worth it paying off. I am now an honourable person who treats others with respect just because they are mere human beings created by God […]

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I found him

I found my Mr Right. But funny enough I say these words with tears in my eyes because he won’t pursue me. I found my Mr Right and he doesn’t want me. Life is just funny. It’s so funny it’s unbelievable. Because he is just perfect. Everything I wished for. Even to my deep and […]

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My Mr Right

I’ve heard many views on “Mr Right” and “The one” and all of that… Whether he exists or not and all those things. Well I say he exists, because I’ve met mine. And he is amazing. He is all that i wanted and more. Like he is the exact answer to my prayers. Even i […]

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People are Gifts

Each person I meet is a gift which my Father sends me wrapped. Some are wrapped very beautifully. They are attractive to me immediately. Some come in ordinary wrapping paper; I can easily overlook their inner beauty. Some have been mishandled “in the mail”. It is easy to “throw them away” as worthless. Once in […]

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Fears,phobias and disorders.

Imagine wanting something so much, only to find out that it’s one of your biggest fears. So basically you won’t get it unless you overcome that fear. Which is scarier than the fear itself. So I think I have an Intimacy Anxiety Disorder. I fear intimacy so much to the point that I am unable […]

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Life changing moments

I must say as a person who fears intimacy it takes a lot for me to be touched (especially emotionally ) by someone as I mostly try my best to be distant. This is most prominent with people who are above me, like elders and people whom I presume have authority above me. It is […]

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Gifts of the heart

I recently read a book “Carve the Mark” by Veronica Roth. I was touched by this one particular character who had a gift to put people at ease but unfortunately because of it she was unable to express any emotions that would make people uncomfortable. Which meant when she felt pain or any heartbreak she […]

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