Depression: friend or foe??

It’s funny or rather sad how if you asked me why I feel so down or what exactly is wrong that’s making me feel this way. The answer would be: I… DO… NOT… KNOW. A series of events usually lead to this current state of emotions and it’s even funny or rather sad, maybe even […]

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Dear: Mr President I still go back and think of what you said to me, did I read it all wrong?? Somehow I misunderstood what you said. Somehow I misinterpreted your words and mistakenly built my own fantasies upon them. Oh how stupid of me,right?? How stupid of me to allow your words to give […]

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Beauty Misunderstood

You started off on a clean sheet of paper. As time flew by, ink came into contact with paper – mixed with tears, heartache, misery and despair – letters were formed of which combined, together they made words. Words that counted points off your 100% score of perfection. Oh yes, perfection does not exist. But […]

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The sweetest of tongues

I’ve always said there are two kinds of professional people that I do not trust: lawyers and politicians. I do not trust them because they tell lies like nobody’s business. They are more cunning than a fox. Deceit is part of their everyday meals. That probably accounts for why have the sweetest tongues that drip […]

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2017: I choose myself.

I stopped making new years resolutions a while ago after conscience realisation that I actually never fulfilled them and mostly even forgotten about them by February. So this year instead of making a list of things to do and achieve by the end of the year, I made a decision to focus on me. This […]

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The definition of normal.

I’ve always wondered what if what people considered as weird is actually normal. And what they see as normal is actually weird. You know like divergent vibes, like what we think should be actually isn’t how it should be. Recently I was described as different, I’m okay with that as I have accepted the fact […]

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